Vaping community

Since 13th May I am tobacco free and don’t plan to return to that nasty habit.
I quit, yes, loud and proud. I had a bit of help though, I quit with vaping.

Actually, I didn’t stopped consuming nicotine, but rather I switched to bit healthier way of consumption.
My smell returned after three months, my skin is clean and lungs are working. No coughing in the mornings, no neurosis…
Life is GOOD!

On my path in research what vaping “gadget” to get, I came upon very nice community of folks who vape and I’ve been doing some work with them and that’s how the whole idea of new community came up.

They’ve been running bad and poor platform that don’t have nice responsive layout for phones and many members wants to see notifications on the go.

Idea is still WIP and I am considering many options. HumHub seems to me like young platform that can be integrated with this community. I was thinking more of integrating it with WP, but HumHub is more social network than WP can ever be + it’s opensource and don’t have crazy license plans like other engines.