Led Lamps

Led Lamps – An old Assembly project.


While ago I obtained a small laptop, I think it was Dual Core or something like that. It was maybe 11” or 12, not sure anymore. I loved it for its portability and everything, but It lacked a feature that I was used to, it lacked indicators for Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock.

I needed these, as I wasn’t using neither Num Lock nor Caps lock and especially not Scroll Lock.

Since I was doing the most of coding in Assembly, I chose EasyCode.MS (MASM32 edition).

Ramon Sala and contributors did great job with it! It is wonderful IDE for Assembly.

Anyhow, what I needed? I needed a visual way of confirming if one of buttons had been pressed in transport or somehow and I needed a way to disable it. My biggest problem was location of the indicators. Unlike telephones, Windows didn’t have notifications area or any bar where it would be possible to implement, but it had bit of space below the clock if date was turned off. That was enough to squeeze 3 little „ Led Lamps “.

At the end of the day, I was lazy to recheck if the key is locked before updating the icon in the tray bar, but it works none the less.

It is still running on my desktop. It does have flicker to it, but I never felt like updating it. Maybe one day it will be too annoying, if so, I’ll publish updated version.

Source code and compiled executable are available for download at the bottom of the page.


Led Lamps
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