To have successful application, website or web shop, it is very important to have everything set up properly. Domain, system, runtime, server, libraries…
Administration, either Web or System is there to make sure that everything is set up properly for your service.
To perform tasks of Administrating some system one has to know every single piece of it and it’s purpose.
While ago I got very heavy task, complete IT solution for the office. I didn’t had much info of what sort of office it is as I wasn’t in the touch with original owner, but I did it best budget allowed.
Year after I had director of that office complementing “Everybody around us had equipment damaged by the storm, thank you very much for thinking about everything.” and I knew it is potential danger over here.
It’s very uncommon to see properly grounded objects and offices. People simply think this is too expensive for them or technicians that should warn them about this are not doing so because damaged equipment will bring them more work and more money.
It’s very common to see data and power cables together…

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