Design and Programming

It is impossible to discuss tastes, but still we can agree if something is elegant and with taste or not. Art is something that makes it’s creator able to express on traditional or nontraditional way. Either way, artist have to put his expression in some guidelines. Web Design doesn’t go astray from this as well, with web design or any other design there is set of rules that must be followed like color, idea, style…

It is most common to see a eye candy website design with heavy footprint on your PC / Mobile device performance, this is because of heavy JavaScript usage to generate elements as they are imagined to look like.

It is very important to keep this footprint as low as possible in order to have functional website.
This is called bloatware and to make matter even worse, nowadays we see more and more bloated applications for desktop and for mobile devices.

Applications with adverts all over the screen, free games, free wallpapers for Android and iOS…