Painting is a style of visual art. Unlike drawing, painting gives much more freedom to the artist because this technique gives space for correcting errors, but also it has own difficulties like precision. I am not very good at painting and it always gives me hard time to paint something.
I love colors, I guess everyone does, but dark red is my favorite color, if I could paint the world in dark red, I would. It is something deep deep in my childhood that made me to love this color this much. However, this makes a problem to me, I would paint with dark red and I always tend to, when I am painting. That’s why I am drawing more, well, that’s one of the reasons I draw.
I really appreciate painters with more classic style like Leonardo da Vinci (my favorite), Albrecht Dürer, Johannes Vermeer… I must add, I am horrible critic. In general, I appreciate all Classical Realism artists.