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Development is one of the key components in creating web site or presentation however it is not the only.


It is crucial to have experience with all the mechanisms that bring everything together, in order to fit all the parts and combine them into one.


I consider it to be the art as it is deeply complex and difficult, especially for inexperienced developers.


Developing a website that does not have too much resources can be challenging as much as the one which has too many.


Designer needs to be able to predict how everything will work and chose the best solution for all of the aspects of the development.

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Web Development Complexity

A tool in creating an interface that brings product or service to the client, however that is not the only purpose.


Naturally people do not pay attention to what’s behind the curtain, but once they do, they can find complex web of nuts and bolts.

Web Development Problems

Development is very challenging task and it has own advantages and disadvantages.


It is often unnoticed by end user, techniques are unknown, tools are unknown, approach is individual…

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Development of the web solutions can have unique design!



Since many companies nowadays tend to do the business on global market, it is very important to give ability for client to interact in native language.


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Products with less components fits easier and are less bulky hence the need to have less plugins, less code, less issues, better load speed...



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