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Virtual Artwork Gallery

It is very difficult to display all the artworks in one place, as some of them needs to be presented in original environment, but I will try to collect some of the best that can be virtually presented.

The Artworks

Who am I?

– The Introduction

My name is Vedad Karavdić and I am an artist!


I discovered art when I was very young and since then I just cannot stop.


As a curious kid I always wanted to explore, that’s how I found my self programming and developing applications for smartphones and computers.


– My Path

Various frameworks destroyed “hardcore” coding, made programmer’s life bit easier, but made programming bit cheaper as well.


It is very hard to keep track of all what’s going on in development scene, it got expensive as well, especially if you are funding your self, that’s why I had to decide what direction I must / want to go. That’s why I always try to make the product to be piece of art.


– The Artwork

I grew up during the war, art was not that important, so I had to improvise. My first artwork was published in schools but since there was no feedback I was not persuading the life of an artist.


This artwork portfolio sums up some of my favorite works. Some old, some new, but all of them very dear to me and have long stories.


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