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This is project page for Uni:theme – a WordPress theme.

It is hard to create anything new in web design nowadays, everything is already explored and applied somewhere.

This theme brings easier customization and crisp look, as well as one-page, customizable header and much more.

Theme is created by using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JS and PHP.

There is still a lot to be done, WooCommerce is not skinned, Blog needs to be worked on, Search results as well.

Demo site can be found here.

Uni:theme Screenshot

About Uni:theme

Uni:theme is WordPress theme that allows unique, individual and crisp design.

This Theme is actively developed and is not for public use yet.

Theme is pretty much bare-bone but has a lot of customization to it in order to allow designer to generate unique features and look.

I’ve used this theme for my own website and several other sites that I am working on.

Uni:theme is intended to be used with the Elementor but can be used with other builders (not tested).

In a vast ocean of the developers and companies that provide services for the developers, it is hard to find a theme that will support all of the requirements: licensing for unlimited number of sites, flexibility with the code, feature-rich in order to support most usage scenarios, support for builders and plugins…
Number of options is so low and all of them have same downside – price.

After trying few themes, it is obvious that after several attempts on using ready themes, it was obvious that there will be something wrong with either of them. Either it be a plugin that breaks the compatibility or lack of the features.
I knew I had to design my own theme. This was not an easy task, on a contrary, it’s still ongoing and I don’t see a way to say it’s complete, but at this point it is usable, flexible and supports most of the features I need.

This theme is not publicly available and probably will not be, however if interested, please get in touch with me via contact page.


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